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Aftercare and insuring your jewellery from us

By 7th December 2017October 28th, 2021No Comments

If you’re wondering about buying a piece of jewellery from us, you might also be considering more mundane questions – how to take care of it to ensure it remains sparkly? How should you go about insuring it? We know our customers are practical, careful people, so we have put together a short blog to help you ensure your Ethica Diamonds ring, pendant or earrings remain beautiful and you can enjoy them for the rest of your life!

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Our Ethica Diamonds match natural diamonds for brilliance, hardness and longevity and each stone is certified independently by The Global Gemological Research Institute, a grading authority using international standards.  GRI provides professional and fair appraisal services for gemstones and is trusted by the industry.  Their laboratories are located in the heart of the gem & jewellery districts throughout the world.

All our jewellery also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee protecting the stone(s). This covers colour change or chipping due to manufacturer defects, but excludes normal wear and tear.  Even diamonds are not indestructible, and can chip if they are knocked along a cleaving plane.

You should be aware that repair or resizing of jewellery that is carried out by third parties invalidates this guarantee. If you purchase loose stones from us, the guarantee covers them if we set them, but not if they are set by other jewellers.

You can read more about this in our  Terms and Conditions 


Storing your Ethica jewellery in a safe place is not only important for security reasons, but it’s also important for you to ensure that your  jewellery remains in perfect condition. To protect the beauty of your jewellery, keep each item separately. You could purchase a fabric-lined casing or jewellery box, which is specifically designed for keeping jewellery or alternatively you can place each jewellery item in a separate pouch or the jewellery box you received with your purchase. This way, it will be separate from other jewellery minimising the risk of scratching.

Diamond Jewellery Cleaning Guide

Taking good care of your diamond jewellery will reward you with years of enjoyment

How to clean your  jewellery

You should clean it every so often, too. This is our recommendation for taking care of Ethica Diamonds jewellery:

  1. Be sure to remove your jewellery when doing activities or duties which would strike, repeatedly wear, knock or potentially cause damage to them.
  2. Never put multiple Earth mined and/or man-made precious stones and gems together as this could scratch your stone.
  3. Keep lotions, perfumes, oils, cake soap away from your jewellery. Please keep your stone clean as this will ensure maximum fire and brilliance.

Before cleaning, inspect each diamond to make sure it is secure and again after each cleaning session. Keep your jewellery clean by soaking it for 30 minutes in a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent along with water, once a week. After the jewellery has been soaked, lightly brush over the item with a soft brush; a soft-bristle toothbrush will be able to do the trick. Once the jewellery is clean, dip the jewellery into water and wipe it off with a lint-free cloth for extra sparkle. Keep the following into consideration when cleaning your jewellery:

  • Take your jewellery for a yearly professional cleaning at your trusted jeweller. This way, you will be assured that your overall jewellery item will be inspected for general wear and tear. Ethica Diamonds offer this service, please contact us for details.
  • Refrain from using a powerful detergent that might have a negative impact on the setting and metal of the jewellery. Any bleach or acid-based products should be avoided altogether.

Careful handling of your diamond jewellery is essential

The best way to handle your jewellery

An Ethica Diamond is extremely durable and suited for everyday wear. But, to protect the sparkle of your Ethica Diamond jewellery,  place it in a soft pouch or box before you plan on doing any duties.  For example, take your engagement ring off before you clean the house or wash the dishes. Rinsing your jewellery with water will not have an effect on the stone, but the grease and oil of other the chemicals might have an impact on the metal, setting and the stone. Try and refrain from using any hand lotions or additional creams when you’re wearing your jewellery. Your Ethica Diamond might temporally lose its brilliance and luster and over time, grime might build up in between the setting causing less light to enter the diamond. This could possibly result in the stone looking a lot less bright than usual. Remember to inspect the setting of your engagement ring now and again for peace of mind.


Your insurer will probably want to see the certification and the receipt that we supply with our jewellery, and that will be sufficient for them to cover it at the correct value. If you have any problems claiming from your insurer in the event of loss or damage, please contact us, and we will provide any necessary paperwork that they require, and any other support necessary.

We do not recommend any insurer over another, but strongly recommend that you check that specific items are included in your policy. You may need to add items over a certain value individually. You may also need to specify certain items under an ‘away from home’ clause, to cover loss while out and about.

We hope this helps you to take care of your Ethica Diamond jewellery, and that your purchases give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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