What we love, we look after. You’ve now received your piece of Ethica jewellery – it’s yours to keep forever!

Taking care of precious metals, lab grown diamonds and gemstones is easier than you think. With a little tender love and care, you can go a long way to keeping your jewellery in excellent, sparkling condition that can be enjoyed for generations to come.


in good condition?

Remove jewellery when you shower, bath, wash-up or go in the sea.

Avoid spraying perfume or applying creams directly onto your jewellery.

Store in your Ethica Diamond jewellery box when not wearing to avoid potential damage.

If your jewellery begins to show signs of tarnishing, gently clean it with a lint free cloth.

Whether you’re heading out on a mountain bike ride, doing a spot of gardening or using the gym – our advice is simple. Take off your ring!

Regular house insurance policies usually offer cover on valuable items that must be added separately, so be sure to read your terms.


clean your jewellery

Fill a dish with hot soapy water – it is important to clean your jewellery away from the sink.

After soaking your ring in water for a few minutes, use a soft baby’s tooth brush to clean it – paying attention to all the stones and the setting.

Once done, simply pat dry and buff with a polish cloth.

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Top Tips

  • Diamond is the hardest mineral we know of, but just like your lab created diamond/s, and semi precious gemstones, they are not indestructible. They can be scratched, chipped or split by sharp edges. No one wants that, so take care when wearing and storing your diamond jewellery.
  • We advise that you don’t where two diamond rings together on the same finger as diamonds are susceptible to scratching each other.
  • The lustre and patina of gold is gorgeous. It does not tarnish or fade over time. In its purest form however, it is very soft and care should always be taken not to scratch or bash it.
  • We recommend that you wear rings of a similar carat together, e.g. your wedding and engagement ring, as the higher the karat of gold you wear, the softer the metal and one may wear down the other over time.
  • Gold should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its beauty. A soft, lint free cloth is a very effective way to keep gold jewellery looking beautiful. Gold does not like chlorine or bleach so be aware of this when in a swimming pool or hot tub.
  • Platinum develops a natural patina that many people prefer over the “just polished” look. When this happens, you can send it to us or take it to your local jeweller to have it re-polished back to its new high gloss look.