What we love, we look after. You’ve now received your Ethica ring (or other piece of jewellery) – it’s yours to keep forever. Taking care of precious metals, lab grown diamonds and gemstones is easier than you think.

With a little tender loving care, you can go a long way to keeping your jewellery in excellent, sparkling condition that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

sketch - shower

Remove jewellery when you shower, bath, wash-up or go in the sea.

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Store in your Ethica Diamond jewellery box when not wearing to avoid potential damage.

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Avoid spraying perfume or applying creams directly onto your jewellery.

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If your jewellery begins to show signs of tarnishing, gently clean it with a lint free cloth.

Regular house insurance policies usually offer cover on valuable items that must be added separately, so be sure to read your terms. Your insurer may need a copy of your receipt to cover loss or damage, so ensure you keep this safe.

sketch - gym

Whether you’re heading out on a mountain bike ride, doing a spot of gardening or using the gym – our advice is simple. Take off your ring!

Cleaning Your jewellery


Fill a dish with hot soapy water – it is important to clean your jewellery away from the sink.

After soaking your ring in water for a few minutes, use a soft baby’s tooth brush to clean it – paying attention to all the stones and the setting.

Once done, simply pat dry and buff with a polish cloth.

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