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What is Ethical Jewellery?

Ethically made jewellery is crucially about the origins of the materials used to make the product and the conditions under which these were produced and traded. This is where the majority of the environmental and social injustices occur in the production of jewellery.

An ethical jewellery business involves responsible sourcing of materials, responsible studio practices and transparent branding that communicates a commitment to ethical making, from materials that have been produced on sites that protect the health and safety of workers and the environment but also produced by people that are paid a fair wage. An ethical jeweller will therefore try wherever possible to improve the environmental and social sustainability of their practice.

Jewellers who are committed to responsible business practices will be happy to answer questions about how they source their materials and make their work. Jewellers who consider issues in their supply chains, put in great efforts to have responsible businesses and practices and companies who are completely transparent, will want to share this story with you.

Kind, not mined

We have dedicated the past 10 years into delivering honest, transparent and helpful information to the consumer about the diamond industry practices and educating about this modern-day diamond that will stand the test of time, not cost a fortune, and meets with their ethical ethos. The process of creating our lab grown diamonds causes no harm or destruction to the environment, miners, indigenous people or wildlife. Ethica Diamonds are also eco-conscious without the cost to our earth and those who live on it.


No soil movement

Negligible air pollution

Water usage is lower by a factor of 7


1000's of acres of soil is moved

High air pollution

100's of litres of water used

What Makes us Ethical?


The most important factor to us is our stones. After all, it is the corruption and manipulation of the mined diamond industry that prompted the formation of Ethica Diamonds. Mined diamonds are so damaging to our environment, the mining process involves 1000’s of acres of soil being moved and ploughing up the seabed, as well as 100’s litre’s of water being used and high air pollution. They are also incredibly damaging to people, diamond mines use child labourers and workers that are mistreated and unfairly paid, they work in dangerous conditions and are responsible for countless casualties.

We offer two stone options, both are kind and never mined. The Ethica Diamond – a unique and patented lab grown gemstone that is independently certified using international standards by both the GRI and IGI. It has the same toughness and durability as diamond, but doesn’t compromise on beauty or our planet.  Or pure lab-grown diamonds, supplied by carefully selected growers that are dedicated to producing type 11A diamonds (the highest grading possible) and committed to sustainability and environmental best practice, by already using 100% renewable energy or committed to becoming fully sustainable in the creation of their diamonds in the future.


Gold mining is also hugely destructive to people and our planet, which is why we offer a Fairtrade gold option on all of our jewellery. Fairtrade gold ensures that the gold was mined in a Fairtrade gold mine. Fairtrade mines are much smaller, lessening their impact on the environment. They also ensure that workers are paid fairly, in safe working conditions and have a good quality of life. Although the gold is still mined, you can be confident that Fairtrade gold has not harmed any people or contributed to such a dangerous and corrupt industry. Although there’s still work to be done in this area, we believe Fairtrade is the best sustainable gold option currently available.


We try our best to be ethical in all aspects of our business, which of course includes our packaging! All Ethica jewellery is presented in beautiful signature boxes, made from recycled materials.  We double box for protection and discretion and the outer postal box is filled with recycled shredded card to protect the jewellery box inside. Our jewellery boxes are made locally, in Cornwall from Eco-Friendly FSC certified cardboard and paper, meaning 70% of the materials origin from well-managed, FSC-certified forests and a maximum of 30% from recycled materials and other controlled sources.

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Honesty, kindness and passion is what fuels us as a small business and we strive to align to these values in everything we do and we want to see a change towards a more environmentally and honest jewellery industry.
We aim to educate and inform both our customers and audience by providing open, transparent information about diamond mining and our practice. The truth about mined diamonds is spreading and the movement towards lab grown and diamond alternatives is happening and we are so proud to be a part of this change. We truly love making our customers happy and will go above and beyond to make sure their experience with us is as special as it should be.
We also value our staff and suppliers tremendously, as without them, we couldn’t do what we do. Because of this, we benefit from long lasting working relationships that have lasted for many years that are built firmly on trust and respect.


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