The wider the band, the larger the size needs to be. Select one size larger than your actual ring size if the ring is wider than 4.0mm. 

Measure when hands are both hot and cold. You want the ring to fit no matter the temperature.

Does it twist? If it doesn’t the likelihood is it is too tight. A ring should be able to turn comfortably.

Finger sizes change during the day, make sure the ring fits at different points during the day. 

Ring Sizer

Every ring at Ethica Diamonds is handcrafted to order, just for you – in your size. While nothing is more accurate than having your finger measured by a professional, using our tools and suggestions will assist you in determining the exact size you will need for your ring purchase.

How tight should a ring be?
Your ring should slide over your knuckle nicely and fit quite snug at the bottom without feeling too tight. When it comes to taking it off, you should feel a slight resistance or have to apply more pressure to move it back over your knuckle. It’s also key to remember our helpful ring sizing tips, you don’t want the ring to feel too loose or too tight in different temperatures.

Can you make a ring bigger?
This depends on the style of the ring. Solitaire rings (set with a single stone) are very straightforward to resize. Multi stone rings can be resized, but there is a risk of the stones moving and may become loose, but don’t let this put you off as it’s easy to fix. Wedding bands with engraving or patterning is a little tricky, but not impossible, but full diamond set bands are not possible to resize, so it is crucial the finger size is correct when ordering. We are always at hand to give you the help and advice you need!

What’s the average ring sizes for men and women?
For ring sizes in the UK, the average ring size for women is an O and the average ring size for men is a T.5 and rings with wider bands will fit a bit tighter, so you may need to go up a size. It’s good to keep in mind that everyone’s different and one size doesn’t fit all, so make sure to use our handy chart or visit us for an accurate size.


Making your perfect ring is important to us, and we understand that finding the perfect size for your ring can be tricky when purchasing online. This is why we’re happy to send you a free ring sizer. If you are resident in the UK, we are happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer so that you can easily measure your finger size at home. To receive yours, fill in our form and we’ll put one in the post to you.

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