Elaine Reffell

Mum of the team (quite literally Em's mum!), Green Fingered Gardener, Dog Lover

In the early years, my children, Emily and Tom, would come home from school and see me working all the time, watching me grow the business whilst I learnt how to build a website with no previous experience! Yet they were always so encouraging and supportive towards me and never complained. In 2016, Emily decided to join me after completing her studies, which has turned into the most rewarding and humbling experience. Tom has recently joined the business in his gap year before heading off to university. The three of us have always had the closest and understanding of relationships which has further strengthened through our joint passion to grow the business and although it's a lot of hard work, we truly believe in what we do, and the response from our customers has been overwhelming.

Emily Reffell

Fitness Fanatic, Animal Lover, Calming Queen, Simon Reeve Fan

Martin Russell
Website Developer

Martin Russell

Website God, Agony Aunt, BBQ Hosting King and an extremely slow coffee maker.

Martin of Webcube Media provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. Martin is a highly experienced web design and development expert having delivered hundreds of successful projects over the past 20 years. He started his path with a civil engineering degree which lead him into in to overseeing significant projects for large household names including Toshiba, Panasonic, Kawasaki and the NHS. Martin provides exemplary attention to detail with all projects that he undertakes for us which has maintained our relationship with him since day 1 and we wouldn’t have been able to get to where we are today without his patience and support.

He is also the world's SLOWEST coffee maker (it takes him a good 25 minutes).

Loves Pasties, Cider and French Cheese. Hates when people use the word 'like' all the time.

Photographer & Marketing

Abigail Hobbs

Dog mum, Elaine's Princess, Sophie's work wife

Abi joined Ethica in November 2020 as our photographer and website manager. She graduated from Falmouth University in 2018 with a degree in Photography and as well as working with us, is a freelance lifestyle photographer working with clients such as Quba & Co, Anns Cottage and Partner In Wine.

When not working here or on her own work, she can be found drinking Cider (big up the Rattler), spending time on the Cornish Coast, talking about her puppy, thinking about her puppy and looking at photos of her puppy.

Did we mention she has a puppy?

Loves Travelling, Hates early mornings (having to get up anytime before 10am is tough)

Favourite piece of Ethica Diamond Jewellery: Aesa

Social Media Manager & Illustrator

Sophie Williams

Author, Illustrator, Yoga Lover, Human Sloth, Tom Daley Fanatic, Abi's work wife

Sophie joined the team in May 2021 as our resident Illustrator and Social Media Manager. She graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2018 with a BA honours in illustration and since then has worked with clients such as Anorak magazine, Cicada books and Ann's Cottage Surf Shops.

Outside of work you'll likely find her doing some yoga #sophiestretches, drawing commissions, having a BBQ on the beach with her boyfriend or watching Ru Paul Drag Race with her cat Shirley.

Favourite piece of Ethica Diamonds Jewellery: Solana Ring
Loves Pineapples, Harry Styles, Cute stationary and Sloths, Hates Running and Rollercoasters.

Customer Service Queen

Claire Whaley

Our Gin drinking camper van lover who secretly has an obsession with shows like married at first sight.

Loves Gin, Hates her endless pile of washing!

Customer Service Queen

Olivia Pountney

With a degree in Jewellery Design and Precious Metal-smithing, Olivia loves anything that sparkles (although give her a frozen margarita and she will love that more).

Loves Sea Swims and Love Island, Hates weird jellyfish and bellybutton fluff.

Chief Decision Maker

Henry Reffell

Henry has been with the team for many many years, think of him as the 'wise old man' of Ethica Diamonds.

Loves Cuddles, Hates Freddie.

Chief Sleeper

Tao Reffell

Tao has been with the team a very long time, think of her as the 'wise old lady' of Ethica. She loves her role here as Chief Sleeper and we have to admit, she is extremely good at her role.
Chief Shoe Destroyer

Freddie Kendall-Hobbs

Freddie joined the team in February 2021. He is an integral part of the team, and no piece of jewellery gets despatched without his seal of approval. He also likes destroying cardboard boxes, has expensive taste in destroying shoes (Birkenstocks and Havianas are his favourite) and winding Henry Up.

Loves the beach, Hates the hairdryer.

Chief of Security

Yoda Pountney-Mills

Yoda joined the team in May 2021 as Head of Security. He takes his role extremely seriously and will never be found sleeping on the job....

Loves Balls (the toy type), Hates Baths


The journey towards our ethical jewellery business has been an organic process from humble beginnings.
It entwines several different passions, environmental and ethical good practice, sustainability and the delivery of excellent customer service,
but most of all .. making people happy!

Many years ago I visited a jeweller’s in my local town and from the moment I walked into the shop, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was considered to be insufficiently wealthy, a feeling that made me feel quite inadequate. I now know that I was not alone in my experience; similar feelings have been shared by many of us, as this retail sector has a reputation for being pretentious and judgemental at times.   It often leaves us feeling quite disappointed, disempowered and not really wanting to repeat the experience anytime soon.

An investigation of the diamond jewellery industry caused me to consider whether a more ethical and environmentally friendly alternative might be possible and whether jewellery shopping in the future, could be a much different experience than most of us share today.  Following 2 years researching industry practices and the diamond supply chains, my awareness grew, and so did my passion. This journey has inspired me to bring to people a better and more truthful understanding of diamonds and the industry itself, at a time when we now look more deeply into the origins of what we purchase.

Oval Cut Diamond Alternative Ring | Madelyn | Ethica Diamonds UK
Ethically Sourced Diamond Wedding Ring | Alissa | Ethica Diamonds UK
Ethica Showroom Appointment

KinetIQue Jewellery was founded in 2011, which was the first form of the business and as technology improved, a retailer relationship was established with the manufacturers of the Ethica Diamond, a unique and innovative gemstone that matched the ethos of our business.

We officially rebranded to Ethica Diamonds in 2019 and soon after opened our beautiful Truro boutique showroom in the heart of Cornwall. Ethica has now grown into a hearty team of talented people; including multi skilled customer service staff, an in-house photographer, illustrator, social media specialist and our very own jewellery designer.