Marquise Cut Rings

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Slender & tapered. “Little boat” diamond cut

Similar to Pear, the Marquise cut diamond appears the largest of all cuts. Also known as “Navette”, meaning little boat in French, due to the marquise diamond’s boat-like shape. The long shape has a flattering, slenderising effect on the fingers,  due to the tapered edges on both sides.

Legend says that the Marquise cut first appeared in Paris circa 1745 and its fascinating history can be traced back to the height of the French monarchy. King Louis XV commissioned his court jeweller to create a diamond that resembled the smile of his beautiful mistress, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour. A sleek and seductive design, the perfect Marquise cut gemstone should always be cut in a 2:1 aspect ratio, meaning it must be twice as long as it is wide to have the proper aesthetic effect.