The Truth About The Resale Values of Diamonds – Mined, Lab-grown and the Ethica Diamond

There are many myths about diamonds, specifically with engagement rings such as “you must spend 1/2/3 months’ salary on an engagement ring” but if you unfortunately have to sell it, do you make your money back?

Bespoke Journey: Zachary and Nikki

This bespoke ring has to be one of the most unique rings we’ve ever had the pleasure of designing. Read more about the design process as well as about Zachary and Nikki in this blog.

Introducing Carbon Neutral Diamonds

We are SO excited to announce that Ethica Diamonds are now offering you the choice of having Carbon Neutral Diamonds in your jewellery.

Up until now, Ethica Diamonds have specialised in diamond alternative gemstones. As a company, our focus is on sustainability and minimising our impact on this earth. We believe you can achieve the same beautiful diamond look, but without the human and environmental toll that comes from mining diamonds.

Bespoke Journey: Jordon and Samantha

Designing your very own bespoke ring can be a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be! We’ve put together a collection of customer stories for you to read through to show that you don’t have to be a jewellery designer to make your dream ring and that it really can be an enjoyable process! Here’s Jordon and Samantha’s story.

Bespoke Journey: Louis & Katie

After starting the bespoke process in march I finally got to ask my girlfriend to marry me on Christmas day. The proposal went down a storm and really made what could have been a gloomy Christmas something special and to remember, not only for us but for our family too (on zoom).