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Ethica Diamonds have re-attained Ethical Accreditation by The Good Shopping Guide, which is an ethical comparison website, showcasing the businesses which are flying the ethical flag, and highlighting those which aren’t.  See our listing here:

Ethica Diamonds is the only accredited jeweller listed on the site (still under our previous name of KinetIQue), despite the many other jewellery manufacturers which claim to be ethical and eco-friendly (although there are other businesses which sell jewellery amongst their other products).

The aim of the Good Shopping Guide is to help consumers to make the choice between companies and service providers, based on their ethical practices.

Their accreditation process involves an exhaustive search through public record documents, to find any evidence of ethical malpractice, and establish whether there are any links to deforestation, human rights abuses, investment in weapons or fossil fuels, and child labour.  Ethica Diamonds is delighted to say that we have been given this accreditation for the last five years, and proudly display the Good Shopping Guide logo on our website.

Ethical Award

Good Shopping Guide

If you’re wondering whether our ethical and environmentally friendly credentials sound too good to be true, or if the mined diamond industry is as bad as we’re saying, have a look here.

You’ll find that it is that bad, and we are doing our best to stand apart from all that.

Every aspect of our business, from our light bulbs to our packaging, is eco-friendly, and we do our best to be ethical in everything, from customer interactions to sourcing our materials. We hope you appreciate the effort we have put in to achieving this position, so that your jewellery can be from the heart, without costing the Earth.