Could you tell the difference between a high street diamond ring and one hand-crafted by a master jeweller?
Actually, you probably could!


A piece of jewellery from Ethica Diamonds is of the highest quality, handcrafted, using the finest grade metals, either partially recycled or Fairtrade. Our designs, while supremely elegant, are also well-constructed, for durability and strength.  Because every ring is made to order, the fit will be perfect for you.

Many mass-produced high-street rings will feel lighter and be less durable because of the manufacturing methods. Although they may be cheaper, they are often hollow to reduce the precious metal weight, which in turn makes them considerably less resilient to everyday wear.


The future of diamonds is changing, with people growing wise to the gross misconduct and unethical pricing structure present in traditional mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds and gem-stones are for people who want the sparkle, without compromising people, the planet and their bank balance.

The Ethica Diamond is a unique and very specific lab-grown stone, which is very close in structure, composition and hardness to diamond. It is hand cut and polished, to exacting standards as mined diamonds that are cut from the rough.

Optically identical to both the finest mined diamonds and laboratory grown diamonds, the Ethica Diamond matches for brilliance, toughness and longevity.  The Ethica Diamond has the same durability and will never discolour, or crack, and comes with fully accredited with third-party certification by the GRI.

We also now offer carbon neutral Lab-Grown Diamonds, sourced from the Diamond Foundry. The Diamond Foundry’s production is 100% hydro powered, meaning zero emissions and no carbon footprint, and they are the only diamonds in the world to be grown this way. Just a diamond, without the mining.

Our pricing is set according to manufacturing and retail costs, not according to the fixed diamond pricing structure, therefore it is significantly lower than the equivalent mined diamonds, making them excellent value for money.

Sketch - Globe
Nails and flowers
Four Claw Ethical Diamond Oval Cut Earrings called Calia

Diamond Sketch Flashing

Diamond Sketch Flashing

Made to order, for you Mass produced
Hand crafted, in the UK Factory made, often in the Far East
Finest quality metals, generously cast, and heavy on your hand, either incorporating recycled or using Fairtrade Gold Lower quality metals, around 25% less gold (or platinum), may even be hollow
Well-made prongs to hold the stone in place, either cast as one piece with the band, or with the setting cast separately and lasered to the band. (This means you can have a different metal for the band and the setting, if you choose) Less solid prongs, greater risk of the stone working loose. The prongs are soldered onto the band. Rings like this are known as ‘peg heads’ and are cheaper to manufacture.
Rolled edges, for comfort on your finger Square edges to the band
Hand polished Machine polished in bulk
Costs less! Comes with the cost of belonging to a national chain, with significant overheads to cover.

Our Promise to You

Two hands entwine against a soft beige background with the gorgeous noveau pear ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

To create and polish every ring or piece of jewellery by hand, exclusively for you.

To keep our manufacturing in the United Kingdom with one exception: our stones will be cut by world-renowned diamond cutters who mostly work outside of the UK.

To provide you with the most advanced and beautiful lab-grown stone or diamond, with no compromises and fully certified by the GRI.

To use the highest grades of precious metals available, recycled or Fairtrade.

To never cut corners on structural design or hollow our pieces.

To provide you with the best service and guarantee in the industry.

To only work with suppliers who share our ethical integrity and interests, doing all they can to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

Peace of Mind

We understand a shadow of doubt exists when purchasing a product online and we believe that by allowing you to touch, hold and see your chosen engagement ring, wedding band (or any piece of diamond jewellery, for that matter!) before making your final decision, conveys the confidence we have in the quality of our products and commitment to our customers. That’s why we give you a full 30 day home approval on every purchase.



The foundation of Ethica Diamonds is a principled approach to all aspects of our business, and an ethical approach to everything we do, including fair pricing and environmental preservation of our precious planet.



Ethica Diamonds takes pride in design excellence, attention to detail and first-class service, and our jewellery will always be exquisite.



Ethica Diamonds is at the forefront of diamond alternative technology, and we are dedicated to providing the most current information, and delivering the latest technology in gem science. It is our passion!



Ethica Diamonds combines the highest level of service with a truly unique product that offers the best quality for an ethical price.